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I’ve been taking classes with Melody Music Studios for over 2 years now, and I have been very happy. When I relocated from Atlanta to Boston, I simply spoke to Kathi and she was able to suggest us a teacher that was able to teach my son in-home, and as good as his piano teacher in Atlanta.
The thing I love with Melody Music Studios is that the teachers are active professionals, who are willing to start lessons with little kids.


Love for Melody Music Studios!

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Arabia in Fairburn, Ga loves Melody Music Studios! Arabia notes our prices are a little higher BUT LOOK AT THESE RESULTS!
“During my time with Melody Music Studios I have had the opportunity of working with a talented coach who understands my needs, helps me with where I am trying to get as a musician, and motivates me to become a better performer. Lessons have been very productive and I have no complaints except the pricing is somewhat high. However, with each lesson, I know that I am improving!”

Jaella is an excellent teacher!

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“My 9 year old started her piano lessons with Jaella in Ocean County NJ 7 weeks ago. She is doing really well and Jaella is an excellent teacher. She knows just what to say to get my daughter to perform well for her… if I could only bring Jaella home with me for practices…”

Satisfied Customer!!

A practice tip….

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For those of you that are taking lessons, imagine that your instructor is there with you when you practice and be critical of your playing the same as your instructor would, hearing his or her words in your head. I still hear my past instructors every time I practice, telling me things I know he would say if he were listening. I know that while you’re learning a piece it’s hard to also hear what you’re playing, but as you grow more familiar with the piece, you’ll be able to do that more and more. And another great way to practice is to record yourself. That is usually the last step I take when learning a piece that I’ll be performing, so I can hear myself better and critique my own playing. You may even want to circle those areas you need to work on (with pencil) on the music so you can remember or make notes.

Trumpet and Trombone lessons at Melody Music Studios

Trumpet and trombone lessons at Melody Music Studios

Trumpet and trombone Lessons and instruction - Learn how to playAt Melody Music Studios, Trumpet and trombone lessons are fun yet challenging. Our Trumpet and trombone lessons are tailored for the individual for his/her pace and musical styles, whether the student is interested in traditional or by ear Trumpet and trombone lessons. Traditional lessons include technique, exercises, music reading skills and studying specific songs. To learn by ear includes music theory, ear exercises and improvisation.

For Trumpet and trombone instruction we create a positive, you can do it environment and offer styles and songs that are fun and easy to learn while setting the foundation for future lessons. As a student develops, we begin to challenge them with more difficult songs, styles, scales and exercises.

How we’re different..



We are different ….
Because we offer lessons either in the students’ home or the home or professional studio of the instructor, we never run out of studio space or instructors, so you can depend on an available instructor for you. Melody Music Studios is continually growing and adding new instructors.

Reno instructor teaches clarinet, piano and sax

Adrienne Adrienne is in her first year at University of NV Reno with a minor in music for clarinet, expected graduation date of 2014. She was first chair in band for clarinet in high school for the Jazz, Concert, Marching, and Pep band. Adrienne has studied private clarinet since middle school and throughout high school. Along with clarinet, Adrienne is also studying piano at UNR. She’s been teaching since 2011 and her styles include classical jazz, swing, and march.Personality rating: Easygoing

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