Get the beat with Marty in Knoxville-marching band and orchestral percussion

Marty graduated with a Bachelors of Music with a concentration in Studio Music and Jazz Performance at the University of Tennessee in 2006 after attending Roane State Community College. While a student at UT, he received various notable scholarships. Marty plans to further his post graduate studies in Music Education in 2010. He’s been teaching since 2000 and teaches drum set as well as marching band and orchestral percussion. Marty has both private and public middle and high school teaching experience as well as extensive performance experience locally and worldwide, from performing in big bands to cruise ships and theaters, night clubs, churches, studios and various corporate events, working with notable musicians. Martin has also performed in professional theatrical productions.Personality rating: easygoing
Marty has been teaching with Melody Music Studios since:  10/22/2009

Meet our instructor Brandon in Baltimore!

Brandon attended UMBC in Catonsville, Maryland for 3 years with a major in Psychology and a minor in music, than he transferred and graduated from AACC in Arnold, Maryland in 2010. He first picked up the drum sticks when he was 10 years old and furiously began practicing every waking second that he could. During high school and college, he performed in school ensembles and musical competitions. He also began performing outside of school in bands for pop and rock styles and began writing songs with fellow musicians and recorded 4 albums. They are in the process of recording and releasing their 5th album in the summer of 2011. Brandon has been teaching since 2007 and his styles include traditional rudiments, match grip technique, rock, jazz, Samba, Reggae, punk, heavy metal and double kick patterns.
Personality rating: Easygoing

Brandon has been teaching with Melody Music Studios since: 5/25/2011

Take SKYPE lessons from a two-time Grammy nominated music producer

Doug Doug graduated from Five Towns College in Dix Hills, NY in 1997 with a Bachelor’s in Vocal Performance. He is a two-time Grammy Nominated music producer, and has been playing guitar since the age of 6. He’s a professional guitarist and singer/songwriter in NYC and produces/performs with notable blues and rock musicians. Doug has been teaching since 1993, and his styles include rock, pop, folk, blues, jazz, R&B, Country, among others.

So, is it “A” or is it “B”?

Live & Learn



OR THIS WAY? (See below)

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Feedback in Music Teaching: Why “Good!” Is Not Good Enough

Being musical. Being human.

TeacherStudentAs a music teacher, I can get so preoccupied telling students what I’d like them to do, and trying to motivate them to do it, that I forget afterward to let them know how well they did. I may suppose that students don’t need me to spell it out for them. Won’t they hear it for themselves if their music sounds better? Or pick up on the grimace on my face if it doesn’t? Receiving feedback, though, is a critical part of the learning process. If we as teachers are not making a point to communicate it to them, we shouldn’t assume that our students are figuring it out on their own. And simply shouting “Good!” while student sing or play their instruments offers little in the long run.

Giving feedback is a hallmark of quality music instruction, but one that can be easily overlooked. Good teachers are keenly aware…

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A sampling of our five star reviews

We are so proud of our instructors.


Melody Music is an outstanding service with wonderful instructors. Our daughter has been with Melody Music for almost a year now and we are very happy with her progress. I would highly recommend their services

Rachel is a very patient and skilled instructor my daughter just loves her!

We have been with Melody Music Studios for almost a year now. My daughter loves Rachel’s teaching style. She is flexible and very good at what she does. We were skeptical initially with taking skype lessons, however, we have not been disappointed; Rachel made it so easy.

Love Them!

I absolutely love my lessons and my instructor. I would easily recommend Melody Studios and my instructor to anyone who is considering lessons or really is dedicated to improving their performance skills, etc. No complaints!

Pearl has been playing piano since she was five…

Pearl graduated from University of CA in Los Angeles, CA with a Bachelor’s in Political Science.  While at the university, she participated in the UCLA Philharmonic Orchestra, the UCLA Chamber Ensembles from 2008-2009, and the Filipino Choral Group from 2009-2010. Pearl has been playing the piano since she was 5 and the violin since she was 6 years old.  During high school, Pearl studied violin under a Juliard graduate and in college, she studied piano from a doctorate professor and violin from a college professor that held a Bachelors Degree.  Pearl competed in numerous music competitions and performed a piano concertos with an orchestra. Pearl has also performed as violinist in orchestras and traveled to NYC to  Juilliard School of Music to hear world renowned violinist speak to students. Pearl has been teaching since 2012 for both piano and violin, and her styles include classical, Broadway, and pop

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