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September 5-Work, Job, Career, Calling SEPTEMBER 5 "I don't like work- no man does. But i like what is IN work- the chance to find yourself-your own reality-for yourself, not for others, what no other man can ever know".- Joseph Conrad Music Lessons :Work – Job- Career- Calling The first Monday in September in America is set aside as Labor Day. Traditionally the day is celebrated as the end o … Read More

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Meet our banjo, mando, guitar instructor Dennis in Dallas! (via Melody Music Studios)

Meet our banjo, mando, guitar instructor Dennis in Dallas! Dennis Dennis attended the Arapahoe Community College in Littleton, CO for one year, then transferred to Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO with a Music Therapy major for two years. He has been playing and performing professionally on the Banjo since 1973, including playing for shows in Branson, MO, and in 1981 took second place in the national Banjo contest. In 1997-98 Dennis was the head of the Guitar Department at College of the Oza … Read More

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Melody Music Studios – Kathi Kerr (via Melody Music Studios)

Melody Music Studios - Kathi Kerr   Kathi Kerr is a successful entrepreneur, independent small business owner and work from home mom of four. In 1989, Kathi founded Melody Music Studios in, a nation wide placement service which matches professional instructors with music students in cities across the US. A successful recording and touring musician, and instructor, Kathi studied at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in San Francisco, CA before establishing Melody Music Studio … Read More

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September 4- Inspiration (via Alunatunes’s Weblog)

What the word inspiration really means

SEPTEMBER 4 INSPIRE –verb (used without object) 12. to give inspiration.  13. to inhale.  "The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." – William Ward The first time I ever heard of the color, the enticing and spicy word "magenta", it fell from the ruby lips of my second grade teacher, Phyllis Madrid, in 1965, during a lesson about art and color. In a world of Smith's and J … Read More

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12 Steps to Book Your Band (via Melody Music Studios)

Book your band by following 12 easy steps

Be sure you're ready to tackle the road by using a checklist. This 12 step checklist can help identify areas you need to tackle before you set sail into the great wide open 1. A clear business plan with goals and objectives for touring. Also be really clear if this is a tour for fun only. If you've decided to tour for the heck of it and your bassist is all about numbers and creating a cross country email list and selling records, you already have … Read More

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Rule 3- No One Rocks Alone… (via Alunatunes’s Weblog)

My mom pinched pennies to purchase my first guitar….

*No one rocks alone. There are groups of parents, partners and fans who rock with you at every single show. There are booking agents, managers, tour managers, business managers, roadies, sound techs, lighting techs, drivers, talent buyers, travel agents, publicists, writers, photographers, reporters, reviewers, radio people, web gurus, producers, engineers, and a plethora of other helpful people on stage with you every performance. There are mate … Read More

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Melody Music Studios instructor Chris in San Ramon CA! (via Alunatunes’s Weblog)

Chris has written Mel Bay Bass Books! Chris attended the Berklee College of Music for 2 years and East School of Music for one year. Chris has been teaching since 1991 and can teach jazz, classical, rock, blues and R&B. Chris has had 20 bass books published internationally by Mel Bay Publications and has played bass in many famous bands over the past 20 plus years. He now enjoys the slower pace of life and shoring his love … Read More

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