Meet our found Kathi Kerr

Our founder, the successful musician Kathi Kerr

Kathi grew up in a musical family, with a mother who is a classically trained musician and a father who plays the upright jazz bass by ear, so she had the best of both worlds-training and a good ear for improv. Growing up, Kathi regularly performed as soloists, as well as with her family, and knew early on that music was going to be her life! After high school, she studied for 2 years at Point Loma College for piano performance, than after a few years, transferred to The San Francisco Conservatory of Music in San Francisco, CA for another 2 years, studying under Julliard graduate, Mac McCray. Between colleges, Kathi performed, toured and recorded in a contemporary Christian band as keyboardist and background vocalist. While at the conservatory, Kathi started teaching private piano and voice lessons and found that she really enjoyed it. In 1989, she found herself with so many students, she decided to hire some of her advanced adult students to teach her overflow, and thus Melody Music Studios was started.

As Melody Music Studios began to grow, she decided to expand to all instruments and voice, and in 2001 opened multiple cities across the country. Kathi has a love for music, and believes that, while learning an instrument or voice should be challenging, it should also be fun and positive for the student as he/she begins their own personal musical journey.


Play until your fingers bleed

I remember learning to play guitar and feeling my heart pulse in the tips of my fingers!

Take violin lessons from Melody Music Studios’ instructor Matt

Matt earned his Bachelor of Music in Performance (violin) and Bachelor of Music Education with Distinction and Arts Leadership Certificate, graduating on the Dean’s List from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY in 2012. He was awarded a full scholarship. Matt’s currently pursuing his Master of Music in Performance for Violin. From 2007-2008, he attended the Manhattan School of Music. Matt has performed at Carnegie Hall with both the New York Youth Symphony, as well as with a piano trio, and has performed internationally as a soloist. Most recently, Matt received a fellowship to perform with the National Repertory Orchestra in Breckenridge, Colorado. He is also on the substitute list for the New World Symphony, in Miami Beach, Florida. Matt began teaching in 2004 while still in high school and completed his student teaching, as well a violin teaching assistant for a performing and creative arts school. Matt teaches violin, viola, and piano, and offers classical, pop, jazz, and most contemporary styles.

In home or in studio music lessons tailored just for you

In home lessons or instructor’s home/professional studio
Melody Music Studios offers convenient, in home lessons for busy parents and adults. This is especially nice for piano and drum lessons, so the student can take lessons right on their own instrument.For students that prefer to go outside for lessons, we also offer individual home or professional studios. Melody Music Studios carefully monitors the instructor’s home studio and sets guidelines the instructors must maintain to make sure it’s safe and comfortable. The advantage to having a home studio versus going to a large studio or store for lessons is that it’s clear from distraction from other lessons going on around you, and you don’t have the sales pressure of buying from the store when you walk in.

Salt Lake City Recital Hall

Melody Music Studios Policies- One Week Grace Period- Satisfaction Guaranteed

Omaha pic

There are a lot of studios that require you to sign a month or semester contract
before the first lesson. That would be like paying for clothes without first
trying them on with no return policy. At MMS, we offer a week grace period after
your first lesson before billing your credit/debit card or checking account
(although billing information is required to sign up). If you’re not happy with
the instructor for any reason, you can either request another instructor or
cancel, and that lesson is free. And each time you’re assigned a new
instructor, you will receive the same week grace period. We understand that even
after reading the bio of the instructor and talking to him or her on the phone,
you will not fully know if the instructor assigned is the right fit until taking
that first lesson. So go ahead and sign up for lessons
now, you have nothing to lose!

Melody Music Studios: How we choose our instructors

Melody Music Studios Bose



Each instructor has been hand picked and is personally hired by the owner,
Kathi Kerr,
submitting an application, resume and recording. For instructors
that are rated high they are interviewed, references are checked and finally a
criminal background is checked before they join the staff of Melody Music
Studios. Some websites accept anyone that signs up and pays their annual fee, so
you never know what quality instructor you’re getting. Instructors are hired
based on their training, personality, teaching qualifications and philosophies
as well as versatility in musical styles. All instructors are expected to be
able to teach most styles and both traditional and by ear. And because we
understand that motivation is very important for the beginner student, Melody
Music Studios only hires instructors who love to teach and can pass that
excitement on to the student, with a positive and upbeat personality.

Learn at your own pace

The view from a packed house at one of our recitals...

The view from a packed house at one of our recitals…


Melody Music Studios believes in letting the student choose the pace he or she
can handle. We will, of course, challenge the student to do his/her very best,
however we will not pressure the student to do more than able, considering the
learning pace of the student and the time he or she has to practice. We
understand that people are busy, especially adult students, and we would rather
the student continue lessons even if the learning pace is slow, than to not take
at all and therefore learn nothing!

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