With shows like American Idol, The Voice and The X Factor extolling performance art, it’s easy to want to compare yourself to those who’ve found their way to the tv screen. But it is very important as a musician to not compare yourself to others AND to be happy for the success of others.

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*Be happy for the success of others. Jealousy and envy are not good character traits and on top of that, the two combined cause wrinkles.

Be happy for the musicians in your community who are achieving success. Realize success has a lot to do with luck and timing, being in the right place at the right time and getting the right “breaks”.  I once met Judd Nelson in Los Angles and as we chatted very briefly (I was hawking my latest recording at the time) in the lobby of the Hollywood Holiday Inn, I asked him to wish me luck. As he signed a copy of my breakfast menu (it was the only thing I could find!) he said, “My mom always told me ‘You make your own luck.’ ” He smiled as he handed the menu back to me, “That said,” he laughed, “Good luck to you Tammy Brackett.”

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*Making good children is just as important as making good music. Being a good parent is the most important song and best musical piece you will ever compose.

I once dealt with an artist, who, as he was talking to me on the phone about his band, would YELL at his children. It made me feel so sad for the kids as well as the dad.

As the mom of two children, grown now, I empathize totally with having one foot in creative world and the other in ‘did you do your homework?’ world. My kids will tell you they remember being backstage with me at shows, that they remember certain songs I wrote and performed when I don’t even remember them. We impress upon our children all our hopes, dreams and energies.  They are our most precious creations. Treat them with love, respect and dignity as you go about the…

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Skype lessons in action

Watch our Nashville instructor teach a bass lesson to his student in California via Skype


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