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Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” -Hebrews 13.2

Those who carry the blessing of music find themselves entertaining strangers on a daily basis.  We travel to perform in other cities, states, countries. We perform for strangers, people we have never met or may never meet again. We entertain strangers when they listen to our music on myspace.com or watch us on youtube.com. We bare our hearts and inner most feelings to strangers through our music.

In many ways, we spread our blessings in etherial ways. We have the ability to touch hearts and souls by the simple construction of vibrations and words.  I’ve asked fans what attracted them to one band or another.  Many times they reply with one word, “Vibe…” and that pretty much says it all.

As performers, we never know exactly who is standing in that crowd, who is parked at the bar or who is sitting at that table right up front.  If you don’t recognize a face, but there’s something familiar about the being wearing it, you may have encountered an angel.  If you’ve experienced writers block and suddenly are deluged with ideas, an angel just may be whispering in your ear.  If you’ve lost touch with yourself, your family or your loved one while persuing your music dreams, and then experienced a sweet homecoming, angels may have kept those home fires burning.

The angel Gabriel announced the good news to Elizabeth and Mary of the birth of their sons. Some have theorized Gabriel communicated the specifics of the ark to Noah and was the voice of the burning bush in the Old Testament. Gabriel is a prime messenger and a patron of those who communicate.  Be aware of the angelic realm as you create and perform.


Take guitar lessons with Ben!

Ben graduated from Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD in 2013 with a Bachelor’s in Classical Guitar Performance. He’s currently attending the Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL for his Masters in Classical Guitar Performance, expected graduation date of 2015. Ben began taking Suzuki guitar lessons at age 6 and continued to do so for 12 years until he graduated from High School. Ben has been teaching since 2013, and offers traditional and Suzuki methods. His styles include classical, jazz, and pop.

The Stringed family of instruments….

The stringed family is one of the most beautiful of instruments. Since there is no “breathing” involved, and not a percussive instrument, like the piano and drums, music can seem to continue forever! Unfortunately the schools don’t always offer stringed instruments in the school band, but we are proud to offer some of the finest musicians and instructors on our staff. Melody Music Studios is affiliated with a company that offers instrument rentals and purchases (click to download the form) at affordable rates. A beginner can start out renting for about $20/month, so any one can afford it! And most of what you pay in rent can go towards buying an instrument anytime you wish. For the younger student, he or she will need a smaller size instrument, so renting is the best way to start, where the instrument can be returned for the next size up when the student outgrows his/her size.

Meet our instructor Rebecca in Salt Lake City


Rebecca studied private piano, voice, and brass lessons from professors in Wisconsin and Utah for several years. She has attended and participated in several master classes at St. Norbert College and UWGB, along with attending SUU, USU, U of U, and BYU, and has taken over 240 music credits in performance, education, and Music Therapy. Rebecca teaches piano, voice, all brass instruments, all woodwind instruments, violin, viola, cello, percussion instruments, and guitar, and has been teaching privately and classes since 1996. She has also worked at The Progressive Music Academy in Green Bay, Wisconsin, The Utah Conservatory/Jordan School of Music, taught Beginning Band and Orchestra in the Jordan School District and Canyonlands School District. She has been a vocal coach at Midnight Records as well, and a professional tutor with families including The Professional Seminars of America group, assisting with music practicing. Rebecca teaches classical, jazz, pop, rock, musical theatre, country & R&B.

Take piano lessons with Deanne


Deanna graduated from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM in 1992 with a Bachelor in English/Psychology. She began playing the piano at the age of eight, and has studied privately since 2001, and teaching since 2002. Deanna offers classical, blues, various rhythm styles like rag time, Bossa Nova, pop, and folk styles.

Take vocal and guitar lessons with Victorio

At the age of eighteen, Victorio began his studies at the prestigious universities of the UCA (Catholic University of Argentina), the UNIQUE (National University of Quilmes) and EMPA (Popular Music School of Avellaneda). During his studies, he met the major stars of Tango, which began his career. Victorio began teaching in 2001, offering classical, Tango, pop, rock, and folk styles. Along with teaching, Victorio is a performer, recording artist, and composer. His compositions include works composed for symphony orchestras, chamber orchestras, ensembles reduced, electro acoustic works, and around 400 original songs. He released his first album, produced and arranged by himself in November of 2009, and in 2010 he produced and recorded the song “Voices for Peace”, supported by Warner Chappell. In 2011, he presented “Tango Fussion” for the first time in the United States, at the XXIV Festival Argentina USA (Washington, May 2011), and the Democracy Festival (New York, August 2011). For his performances, his tours abroad have been sponsored by the Foreign Office of Argentina. The Washington Post (May, 2012) has named Victorio as one of the contemporary artists that better reformulated the universal fusion with Tango. His second album has achieved widespread media coverage, and he was interviewed by NY 1 News (NY), Univision (DC), Telemundo (DC) and other American media.

Group lessons are so much fun and a fantastic deal!

Read about our group lessons here!


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