Chris in Boulder CO is a grad of Wake Forest University in NC

Chris Chris grew up writing songs and playing guitar and drums in rock bands. He started formally studying music at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC, where he earned his Bachelor’s in Music Theory/Composition in 2004. While at the university, he studied and performed classical and Brazilian jazz guitar, and performed in several honors classical recitals, including his own show that focused on the Brazilian Bossa Nova era, but which also included both classical performances and jazz performances. After WFU, he went on to get his Masters of Music in Music Composition at the University of Louisville, in Louisville, KY in 2007, where he learned how to compose for any instrument in an orchestra and any voice type, and became proficient in a wide variety of musical styles, both acoustic and electronic. Chris also performed in jazz combo groups. After graduating, Chris worked in marketing research, which helped him when composing music for advertising. Since 2009, Chris has been working with bands in various recording projects, and he currently runs his own recording company, where he focuses on commercial underscoring, scriptwriting, video scoring, in all styles and formats, for TV, DVD, and radio. Along with teaching and recording, Chris continues to perform locally. He’s been teaching since 2010, and his styles include classical, jazz, Brazilian, Bossa Nova, rock, pop, blues, R&B, and Funk.

Reno instructor teaches clarinet, piano and sax

Adrienne Adrienne is in her first year at University of NV Reno with a minor in music for clarinet, expected graduation date of 2014. She was first chair in band for clarinet in high school for the Jazz, Concert, Marching, and Pep band. Adrienne has studied private clarinet since middle school and throughout high school. Along with clarinet, Adrienne is also studying piano at UNR. She’s been teaching since 2011 and her styles include classical jazz, swing, and march.Personality rating: Easygoing

Vatican School of Music in Rome grad teaches at Melody Music Studios!

Javier Javier received his Bachelors in Music from Vatican School of Music in Rome, Italy. He continued his education at Cal State Los Angeles in Los Angeles, CA to receive his Masters in Music in 1985. Javier teaches flute, saxophone, clarinet, electric bass, and piano, and has been teaching since 1979. He offers classical, jazz, rock, alternative, and blues, among other styles. He currently performs locally in a multicultural jazz ensemble that touches Brazilian music as well as Latin and gives its own touch of original and creative arrangement. Along with performing and recording, Javier is also a composer, arranger, producer, and booking agent for other artists.

Khris is a grad of Berklee College of Music- teaches bass and guitar in Franklin TN

Khris Khris  began his career in music at the age of fourteen. Khris’ love for music quickly developed into relentless tenacity as he pursued his passion throughout the high school jazz band, playing for his church, onto his local junior college’s music department, and finally—more than 3,000 miles from home and 10-years later—a Bachelor’s degree in Guitar Performance from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Boston. Before graduating from Berklee, he attended the Los Medanos College with a music major for 3 years. As required courses at Berklee developed his ability to write and compose, he was given the tools and skill necessary to release his own unique sound to the world. Khris has been performing since 1998 in many venues, from jazz bands in high school and throughout college, to many gospel bands at churches. He recently played in a rock cover band in Boston, and a jazz/rock instrumental band. Khris’ styles include jazz, rock, funk, gospel, blues, and metal.

San Diego drum instructor Roger offers all styles, traditional or by ear lessons

Roger Roger began his college training at the Musik Akadamin in Stockholm Sweden where he received his first degree in 1983, than he transferred to the University CA at Los Angeles to receive a Bachelor’s in Music. Roger has been performing professionally, toured and has been in the recording industry over 35 years. Since 1979, he has taught on and off, and is now teaching full time. Being in the lime light for so many years, he’s now enjoying being able to give to students what he has learned throughout his career. He offers all styles, traditional or by ear lessons.Personality rating: outgoing

Jason at University of Lexington is our voice, piano,organ and keyboard instructor!

Jason Jason holds a certification in piano and singing respectively from the Trinity School of Music and the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. At present, Jason is pursuing an undergraduate degree in vocal performance at the University of KY in Lexington, KY. Jason was choral conductor in both New York and now in Lexington, and he maintains an active performing schedule. He has been featured with companies including Harlem Opera Theater, Symphony Saintpaulia, and Fine Art Singers of New York while living in New York City. Since moving to Lexington in 2008, Jason has toured and recorded with many professional and well known choirs. Jason also has performed a plethora of operatic roles as well as oratorios in the sacred music genre. Jason has been teaching since 2009, and his styles include classical, sacred/gospel, and most contemporary styles.Personality rating: Laid back and serious

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