Melody Music Studios FIVE STAR review!

I enjoyed taking piano lessons from Melody Music. I’ve been a student there for approximately 7 yrs. My teacher Lydia really works hard with you to make sure you fully understand everything about playing the piano. Every year Melody Music hosts a recital, which is nice because it gives you & others a chance to see how well you has really accomplish over time. I will recommend them to anyone who has interest in learning how to play an instrument.

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Instructor Arnan has a show in NYC tonight!

Our NY instructor Arnan has a show!
Monday(the 29th) – After too long! We are going to play some music for you!!

I am really exited to invite you to our next show. Double bill With the wonderful singer Tammy Scheffer.
The amazing evening will be take place at the Brooklyn’s ShapeShifter next Monday the 29th starting at 7:00pm.

Hope to see you there,
Arnan (pronounced ARE-non) graduated from Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance in Jerusalem, Israel in 2010 with a music degree for saxophone. As a child, Arnan was exposed to a wide range of music from his musical family. He began playing and studying the sax at age 13, and soon after he played in various jazz bands, ensembles, and musical productions. By high school, he was playing with some of the top musicians in Israel. He continued to perform while in the service and throughout college and currently performs in NYC. He’s been teaching since 2006, and he offers jazz, classical, and pop/rock.

Instructor Tabitha gets a four star review!

Our violin teacher Tabitha does a wonderful job with my 6-year-old daughter. The first thing I noticed about Tabitha was that she spoke with my daughter as an equal, was honest with her about her progress, and made her feel comfortable right away. Tabitha pays attention to technique and is a wonderful violinist herself. I love it when she plays during the lesson! I would highly recommend Tabitha for new or experienced violin students.


In home, in studio, via skype…we do it all!

We are different ….
Because we offer lessons either in the students’ home or the home or professional studio of the instructor, we never run out of studio space or instructors, so you can depend on an available instructor for you. Melody Music Studios is continually growing and adding new instructors.

MMS- Visalakshi (49)

How to establish a daily practice regimen for kids

Music is What Feelings Sound LIke


Once the beginner student (any age) begin to develop a skill, then they have something to practice. And learning to practice is something that is learned over time, the same as learning the instrument itself. Once the student is ready to begin a daily practice regimen, here is what I suggest:
*Keep the practice time realistic to the student’s age and level. Don’t expect a beginner student to practice for 30 minutes straight. It’s best to keep practicing at short segments, but often and consistent. If the goal is 30 minutes per day, the student can break it up into 2-15 minute practices, with a break in between. Once the student gets to the“tired” point, he/she is no longer retaining what is learned. By doing shorter practices often, will help the student learn
quicker. The suggested practice lengths will differ for each student, depending on their age and level. For beginners between the ages of about 7-9, the normal length of practice I suggest is 15-25 minutes, for an older child or adult beginner, it may be 30-40 minutes, and for more advanced levels, it may be 1-2 hours. These are only suggestions, as each
student may require more or less time before getting to their “tired” point.

Books by Tammy Brackett

Fifty Ways to Tour Without Getting in the Van is a guide to building a profile for you or your band without incurring tour expenses. It’s available in paperback at It’s a way to reach fans in creative ways without traveling or spending a fortune in marketing and advertising. The ideas in Fifty Ways can also be used in conjunction with touring, offering innovative concepts to increase a band’s visibility, perception and branding in tour markets.Whether you choose to get in the van or implement a virtual tour, it’s important to take a bit of time to consider the reasons you choose to present your music in a public forum. If stardom and money are your main impetus, reconsider your true objectives. The soul of music and the reason you make it should lie outside the scope of worldy intent. Presenting your music in a public forum is about connection not currency. Indulge your creative curiosity and be brave enough to dig into your own soul to discover why you make music and you’ll often be able to put together your own strategy of how or whether to tour. If you’re in a band, it’s a good idea to be sure all members are involved in open discussions of goals and objectives concerning physical or virtual touring, as a team mentality is crucial to the success of both.

Bose is a Berklee grad and has toured the WORLD!

Bose graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA with a music performance degree in 2003. She’s been teaching since she graduated, starting her teaching career at a Renaissance Charter School in Boston, MA. She also coordinated the end of the year concerts. Bose teaches all styles, from R&B, rock, blues, jazz, gospel to funk and classical, to name a few. Her performances include lead vocalist for several jazz and R&B bands in the Boston area from 2001 to 2004. Bose has toured abroad touring with a professional gospel group to France, Germany and Switzerland, and performed for the president of Nigeria back in 2006. Bose has also done several recording projects. She continues to perform and use her gift and love for music as a praise and worship Leader as well as a corporate band singer.

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