Happy New Year’s Eve!

One year is closing and another brand new one is right around the corner. Let this be the year you learn to play a musical instrument. Let this be the year to fulfill your dreams of being able to play or sing. Let this be the year you brush up on what you learned in high school band or chorus and have fun doing it.

We make it so easy to sign up for lessons. We even match you with a perfect instructor. What could be easier?

We’re here to help, inspire and motivate you to be the best musician you can be. Don’t let another year pass without making music a part of your daily life. Sing and play with Melody Music Studios!



Music is What Feelings Sound LIke


Train your child’s brain with music…

It is a little known fact that for many years computer manufacturer IBM would recruit college graduates from a quite unexpected major: music! This is because they found that music majors possessed a very high level of logical reasoning. Many of us do not make the link between music and thinking skills but when we look at what music really is then the picture starts to make more sense. We begin to realize that music, brain development, children go together!

Cover me …..

A lot of us are “cover” musicians. We play cover music to pay the bills and work on original music for our souls. We recently interviewed a new instructor and she said, “There’s too much great music out there to play or sing something you hate!”
How do you feel about playing covers to pay the bills? Can you do it and not hate it?

Inner Girl

Skype guitar lessons with Susan

Suzanne began lessons at the age of 8 off and on, after begging for lessons since the age of 6. She knew after seeing her first guitar, that she wanted nothing else but to play guitar! At the age of 16, Suzanne took lessons from a professional instructor and began learning classical guitar, where she began the musical journey of merging classical and rock. To date she has studied privately over 30 years from college professors, and has performed in bands since the early 1990’s. Suzanne has been teaching since 1998, teaching jazz, classical, rock, and metal. Suzanne is currently taking on line classes at Berklee College of Music.

Take bass lessons from Dwight in Hickory NC

Dwight graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, NC, receiving a Bachelor’s in Music Performance and Music Education in 1980. He was recipient of the Alyse Smith Reynolds Performing Scholarship for 3 years. Dwight began playing guitar at age 5 and studied for 2 years with a local instructor as a child. He attended the UNC School of the Arts Summer program in classical guitar at age 7 and again at age 11. He switched to bass at the age of 14, playing in the high school jazz band. After college, Dwight spent 10 years touring and working with notable musicians in jazz and rock bands. Dwight has been teaching since 1980, and he offers rock, country, bluegrass, pop, jazz, classical, world music, among other styles. DwightM

Happy Christmas Day!

Did you get a guitar? A violin? A keyboard? Let us help you make the most of your holiday music gift!

We have in home music lessons, in studio music lessons, skype music lesson, instructional books, and so much more. Check out


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