Heyward started playing sax when he was EIGHT!


Maria has opened for Roger McGuinn, Michael McDonald, Livingston Taylor and Dar Williams.

Maria began her training in high school at the Governor School of the Arts. She graduated from the Harrisburg Community College in Harrisburg PA with an AA in Music Industry. She then continued her education to graduate from the Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA with a Bachelor’s in Guitar and Bass Performance. Maria was a four time winner at the Duquesne University’s Guitar and Bass Workshop in Pittsburgh Pa. She has studied with numerous professional and famed instructors. Maria has been teaching since 1988 and her styles include rock, R&B, blues, finger style, classical, modern, metal, folk, jazz, Latin, funk, country, contemporary Christian, and progressive. She has released five instrumental guitar albums and has performed as soloist, as well as with a group called the Guitar-Violin Project. She currently performs on drums and percussion in a local classic rock band. Maria has opened for Roger McGuinn, Michael McDonald, Livingston Taylor and Dar Williams. Maria has performed all over the east coast performing at high end concert places, festivals, outdoor events, weddings and parties.

Personality rating: outgoing and fun

Autumn’s #1 practice tip is….

Read about Autumn and her #1 practice tip!

1.I’m Autumn, and I teach viola, violin, and guitar. I started my musical life with classical music, but over the years I’ve branched out to all kinds of genres. Nowadays, I love to fuse genres and dance in between the lines of folk, jazz, classical, and sometimes even electronic sounds. I also play in a local philharmonic orchestra. I have been teaching for about three years.

2. I knew I wanted to be a musician when I was about seventeen. My high school friends and I started a little folk-punk band, where I sang, played guitar, and threw in a little viola solo here and there. That was the first time I had a group of people play music that I had written, and it was actually one of the most educational musical experiences I’ve ever had. We had so much playing for just about anyone who would listen, and I became hooked.

3. I released my first full-length studio album in 2016, and called it Oneiria. It’s available just about everywhere now. I am also playing with the Brevard Philharmonic the next few months, so look for me in the viola section!

4. My number one practice tip is to alternate periods of intense focus (reading music, playing scales, metronome work, etc.) with periods of messing around (improvising, making noise, being creative). This will protect you from burnout, and also give you some really great ideas for composing. Creativity and hard work are not mutually exclusive!

5. I’m listening to Bon Iver’s new album 22-A Million. Probably the most gorgeously-composed record I heard to come out of 2016 (Radiohead’s new album is pretty sweet though…)

Take guitar lessons with Ben!

Ben graduated from Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD in 2013 with a Bachelor’s in Classical Guitar Performance. He’s currently attending the Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL for his Masters in Classical Guitar Performance, expected graduation date of 2015. Ben began taking Suzuki guitar lessons at age 6 and continued to do so for 12 years until he graduated from High School. Ben has been teaching since 2013, and offers traditional and Suzuki methods. His styles include classical, jazz, and pop.

Ulises is a life long musician! Take trumpet lessons with Ulises!

Meet our instructor Rebecca in Salt Lake City


Rebecca studied private piano, voice, and brass lessons from professors in Wisconsin and Utah for several years. She has attended and participated in several master classes at St. Norbert College and UWGB, along with attending SUU, USU, U of U, and BYU, and has taken over 240 music credits in performance, education, and Music Therapy. Rebecca teaches piano, voice, all brass instruments, all woodwind instruments, violin, viola, cello, percussion instruments, and guitar, and has been teaching privately and classes since 1996. She has also worked at The Progressive Music Academy in Green Bay, Wisconsin, The Utah Conservatory/Jordan School of Music, taught Beginning Band and Orchestra in the Jordan School District and Canyonlands School District. She has been a vocal coach at Midnight Records as well, and a professional tutor with families including The Professional Seminars of America group, assisting with music practicing. Rebecca teaches classical, jazz, pop, rock, musical theatre, country & R&B.

Five Questions with our Instructor Raymond

Five Questions with our instructor/coach Raymond in Virginia

What’s your name, what instrument or discipline do you teach and how long have you been teaching.
Raymond teaches voice, piano, guitar, conducting, and recorder.

I’ve been teaching in some form off and on for thirty-plus years. Levels are beginning to intermediate in voice and piano, and beginning in the other areas.

When did you know you wanted to be a musician?
From pre-school years. I grew up in a musical home as my dad was a church music director. We sang and played as a family. I also participated in choirs and musical activities in school.

CDS, shows, upcoming tours?
None now. I will be directing a local community chorus this year in Staunton, VA. We’ll be scheduling concerts in the autumn and spring.

Your number one practice tip
Just get started.

What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?
Christmas choral works, to get repertoire ideas.

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