Want to understand audio engineering? Take lessons from Andre!


Andre holds a Bachelor of Music in Composition and Audio Engineering, concentration in piano at the University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX in 2015. Before that, he graduated from the Mountain View College in Dallas, TX in 2012 with an Associate in Arts, Field of Study in Music. Andre has been playing piano since he was four. Since then, he’s picked up several other instruments including guitar, voice, bass, percussion, drums, and flute. Throughout school, he played in multiple bands, performing in numerous venues. Andre has been teaching since 2009, offering both English and Spanish lessons, and he offers pop, rock, progressive metal, acoustic, electronic, classical styles.

Matt is our new guitar teacher

Matt holds a Bachelor in Music from the East Carolina University Music in Greenville, NC with a double major for Performance and Music Theory/Composition, graduating in 2016. He was awarded Outstanding Graduating Senior and was on the Dean’s lit. Before that, he received an Associate Degree from the Blue Ridge Community College. He has performed (including his own competitions) in solo and ensemble recitals. Matt is a classical and electric guitarist, and offers rock, blues, classical, metal, funk, and experimental styles.

Love for instructor, Drew!



MMS- Music note“This studio has been great. My nephew had been taking lessons somewhere prior to going to Melody Music Studios and I felt as if we were pounding our heads against the wall. Drew has done a great job pulling out his natural and giving him a desire to learn and practice. My Nephew is sometimes very hard to draw in. Drew has been an answer to prayer! Thank you Melody Music Studios!!”

I have a big audition…..

and I am a little frightened!

Melody Music Studios can help you overcome the jitters and do your very best for an audition. Watch how we can help you be your very best!



Meet our instructor AJ

AJ attended the Georgia State University, in Atlanta, GA for three years towards a Music Technology degree, which included private lessons on the viola, and has finished four years of theory and aural skills. AJ took those skills he learned on viola to teach himself violin, bass, guitar, and piano, and has played a total of 16 years on the viola, electric bass for 14 years, guitar for 8 years, and piano for 3 years. AJ also performed in the university’s orchestral and chamber ensembles. He’s been teaching since 2016, and offers classical, pop, rock, and folk styles.

Personality rating: easygoing

Our Cello Instructor Justin


Justin holds a Bachelor in Cello Performance from the University of NC Greensboro, in Greensboro, NC. He also has has over eleven years of study in Cello Pedagogy. Justin has been performing in orchestras, chamber groups, and pop/rock bands since the early 2000’s, and currently performs in various bands and venues. Along with teaching and performing, Justin is also a recording artist and expert in audio engineering. He’s began teaching in 2012 and offers classical, pop, rock, R&b, Hip Hop, religious, and World Music, among other styles.

Personality rating: easygoing and outgoing

Meet instructor Nathan

Nathan has been playing piano for nearly 26 years and specializes in jazz piano. He also started saxophone in 6th grade after hearing a song on the radio and falling in with the instrument. With nearly 24 years experience on the saxophone, Nate has a deep understanding of the instrument and specializes in jazz and classical. For his undergraduate work, Nate attended Oklahoma Baptist University and went to Texas Christian University for graduate school. His two degrees are a bachelors in K-12 Music Education (Instrumental Focus) and a masters in Saxophone Performance. Nathan has been a Texas state certified teacher and has been writing music and producing audio (voice overs and sound effects) for video games, films, stage productions and other projects since 2005. He has a strong passion and love for teaching others how to play musical instruments! Nathan has been teaching since 2000, and offers classical, jazz, pop, rock, and blues styles.

Personality rating: easygoing

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