Hayward is our sax coach!

When choosing a music teacher, it’s important to choose one that performs. A performing musician is a teacher who can instruct you not only in an instrument, but how to create an engaging stage show.

Sue listened to classical music when she was a child….

Sue is our classical vocal coach in Baltimore!

Try a Skype lesson free!

Can’t find an instructor in your city? Well now you don’t have to. Melody Music Studios now offers on line/skype lessons from our staff of advanced level instructors nationwide, so you can choose the right one for you. This is not a video, but a live lesson with an instructor of your choice. And best of all, it’s in the comfort of your own home at affordable rates (and with gas prices, that’s a great savings).

All you need for on line lessons is a computer, web cam, internet, and the free Skype or other on line programs! It’s so easy!

We’re offering a FREE 30 minute trial lesson plus a week trial period to cancel if you’re not happy. So you have nothing to lose! Simply enter SK30F on the form for the promo code field, and you’ll receive the first 30 minutes free.

Our instructor Concetta is a teacher and performer in NYC

Concetta graduated from Smith College in Northampton, Ma, with a Bachelor’s in Art for Music/Anthropology in 2009. Concetta is a classically trained violinist/violist since the age of 4, and has also studied guitar, mandolin, piano and vocals. Concetta’s mother is a public school orchestra director, and her father owns a musical instrument repair business, so she grew up exposed to music education and performing, and she has toured in 2005 with many orchestras and symphonies. Concetta has been teaching since 2005, and her styles include classical/baroque, Latin, jazz, improv, and folk.Personality rating: Outgoing

Meet our instructor James in Shreveport LA.

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James is a piano teacher, and guitar teacher, and offers piano lessons, and guitar lessons in Shreveport LA

James graduated from the New Orleans Baptist Seminary in 1996, New Orleans, LA for a Bachelor of Arts, with a concentration in music, Theology, and Human Behavior. He began private study on the piano at the age of eight, where he was drilled in technique, reading music, theory and improvisation. He also began to play for his Sunday School at that time, and by the age of fourteen, he was the full-time Church Organist. While in college, he studied classical to fine tune his skills and extend his repertoire. James feels that his roots have fostered him in a deep respect for all genres of music. He began teaching in 2012, and offers gospel, blues, jazz, classical, country, rock, Reggae, and R&B.Personality rating: easygoing

Shiori is our remarkable music coach

Bradley is a life long musician

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