Bob Dylan just won the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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“I can see you make the music
‘Cause you carry a guitar
God help the troubadour
Who tries to be a star.
So play the chords of love, my friend
Play the chords of pain
If you want to keep your song,
Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t play the chords of fame”

Phil Ochs

Constantly in the shadow of Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs’ 36 years on this planet resulted in some of the most inspiring music created during the turbulent 60’s.  While Dylan was daring the press to define him, Ochs wore his heart on his sleeve, proudly displaying his beliefs and writing moving and sometime incendiary tunes about the times.  He hanged himself in 1975  in the home of his sister, finally succumbing to the depression that had wreaked havoc on his mind but fired his creativity.

Ochs wrote the lyrically eerie Chords of Fame and the song appeared on a 2…

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