12 Steps to Book Your Band- Step 4

4. Be sure you have a clear tour plan. Be sure to note members’ days off, weddings, special occassions, etc. Nothing like lining up fourteen dates in the midwest only to discover your singer’s wife’s due date is during the tour. And you didn’t even know he was married. Or having a child. KNOW YOUR BAND- personally and legally. Be aware of legal issues before you get in the van with someone you really don’t know.


12 Steps to Book your Band- Step 3

3. Make sure you have access to funds. Remember touring does not make money and it costs money to tour. Each individual band member should be financially solvent and able to be away from a day job,without drawing funds away from the band. Getting a call that the landlord is putting your stuff on the sidewalk for non payment of rent at your apartment in Boca Raton when the band is touring in California can seriously put a damper on attitudes and performances.

12 Steps to Book Your Band

Be sure you’re ready to tackle the road by using a checklist. This 12 step checklist can help identify areas you need to tackle before you set sail into the great wide open

1. A clear business plan with goals and objectives for touring. Also be really clear if this is a tour for fun only. If you’ve decided to tour for the heck of it and your bassist is all about numbers and creating a cross country email list and selling records, you already have an issue. And you aren’t even in the van.

Book Your Band: Mission Statement

Before you begin your booking project be sure you really are ready to book and tour. Be sure you and your band have created a Three Musketeers Document (I talk about this in Backstage Pass: Organize a Band) and are ready to approach the road. The Three Musketeers Document sets goals and objectives and is reviewed and signed by each member of your band. The dialog the Three Musketeers Document facilitates is priceless. Be sure you and your band really are “all for one-one for all”. Navigating the music business is difficult enough without strife and hostility being present in your own organization. Remember your “organization” is not just your band, and includes support staff and significant others. Be sure everyone understands the mission of the band and how it intends to accomplish it.

Take SKYPE lessons from a two-time Grammy nominated music producer

Doug Doug graduated from Five Towns College in Dix Hills, NY in 1997 with a Bachelor’s in Vocal Performance. He is a two-time Grammy Nominated music producer, and has been playing guitar since the age of 6. He’s a professional guitarist and singer/songwriter in NYC and produces/performs with notable blues and rock musicians. Doug has been teaching since 1993, and his styles include rock, pop, folk, blues, jazz, R&B, Country, among others.

Mom LOVES Skype lessons

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5 Star Review
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Summary: Love it!

Review: My 9 year old daughter is taking voice lessons through Skype!  Best thing I have ever done!  I just didn’t have enough time to drive her back and forth to voice lessons.  She read through the bios and chose her own teacher and it is great!

  • Reviewed By: Marybeth G.
  • Review Date: 01 Feb 2013
  • Reviewer Location: Harrisburg, PA

Trumpet, Tuba, Trombone? Chuck’s the teacher for you!

Chuck received his Bachelor’s in Music from the University of North Texas in Denton, TX for Trombone Performance and a minor in Music Theory in 2006.  He then continued to receive a Master’s in Music from Ohio University in Athens, OH for Brass Performance and Pedagogy degree in 2009.  He’s currently attending Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ to receive his Doctorate in Music and Arts for Bass Trombone Performance, expected graduation date in 2014. Chuck has played with classical orchestras all over New York including Carnegie Hall, jazz groups with notable and famed musicians, and toured and recorded with rock legends.  Among some of Chuck’s awards have been scholarships, competitions, and assistantships at the universities he attended.  Chuck has been teaching since 2000 for trombone, trumpet, tuba, ukulele, electric bass, and guitar, both privately, as well as at music camps and schools, and offers classical, jazz, rock, and pop styles.

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