Melody Music Studios GUARANTEES your lesson

  Our guarantee! 
There are a lot of studios that require you to sign a month or semester contract before the first lesson, but at MMS, we offer a week grace period after your first lesson before billing your credit/debit card or checking account (although billing information is required to sign up).  If you’re not happy with the instructor for any reason, you can either request another instructor or cancel, and that lesson is free. And each time you’re assigned a new instructor, you will receive the same week grace period.  We understand that even after reading the bio of the instructor and talking to him or her on the phone, you will not fully know if the instructor assigned is the right fit until taking that first lesson.  So go ahead and sign up for lessons now, you have nothing to lose!

We teach all styles of music….

All styles, traditional and by ear  
At Melody Music Studios, we believe that the student should be the one to choose what he or she is interested in learning, especially for adult students.  There are of course many important steps and fundamentals that all students should learn, but we let the student choose the songs and styles he or she is interested in.  We offer both traditional and by ear lessons.

In home, in studio, skype music lessons!

In home music lessons or instructor’s home studio
Melody Music Studios offers convenient, in home music or voice lessons for busy parents and adults.  This is a nice feature for the student who can take lessons right on their own instrument.For students that prefer to go outside for lessons, we also offer individual home or professional studios.  Melody Music Studios carefully monitors the instructor’s home studio and sets guidelines the instructors must maintain to make sure it’s safe and comfortable.  The advantage to having a home studio versus going to a large studio or store for lessons is that it’s clear from distraction from other lessons going on around you, and you don’t have the sales pressure of buying from the store when you walk in.

Work for us!

Thank you for your interest in the instructor position at Melody Music Studios. My name is Kathi Kerr, owner and founder of Melody Music Studios. I believe in offering professional lessons taught in a fun and positive way. I’m looking for professional instructors who love to teach and who can teach all styles and traditional as well as by ear. Melody Music Studios handles all the advertising, policies and billing, so you can focus on what you do best – teach!
We are continually expanding to new cities, so if you’re not in a city we’re in now, I encourage you to apply and check “other” for the area on the application.  You never know if we may open your city!

Lessons are taught either in the student’s home, or in the instructor’s home or professional studio.  Instructors can choose to either travel to the students’ home and the mile radius for traveling, and/or teach from your home or professional studio.
We’ve expanded to offer group lessons of 2-6.  This is a great way for students to afford lessons, and you make more per hour.  There’s a place on the application that you can specify if you’re able to offer that at your home or professional studio.  We’ve also expanded to offer Skype lessons to our program.  So if you have a computer with a camera, internet, and the free Skype program, and are interested in offering that, check yes on that field on the application.

To apply, simply click the Apply to Teach button below and fill out the application in full.  To comlete your application, you will also need to submit a resume and recording.  Once you’ve completed the application, it will take you to a page to email them.  If you have a website with a video or audio sound clip, you can include that in the application.  There will be a field on the application where you can enter your website or say whether you’ll email or mail your recording.    If you will need to mail your recording, the address will come up once you’ve completed the application.

Here are some tips for what to include in your recording:
1. You can submit an audio or video, both are acceptable.
2. A professional quality recording is not necessary, as I’m primarily interested in hearing your musical abillity only.  Also, make sure you submit a recording where you can easily be heard. For example, if you play in a band, make sure your particular part is easily heard.
3.  If you need to mail your video or audio recording, please remember to label your recording and include a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you wish your recording returned.

Once Melody Music Studios receives your application, it will be rated.  You will be contacted, and if you qualify for hiring, we will either email you to schedule an interview or that we will hold your application for an indefinite amount of time to be considered in our next hiring, if we’re not hiring in your area at the time you apply.
Thanks again for your interest in the instructor position. For further questions, please email me.   I look forward to receiving your application and God bless!

Sign up for Summer Skype Music lessons

Can’t find an instructor in your city?  Well now you don’t have to.  Melody Music Studios now offers on line/skype lessons from our staff of advanced level instructors nationwide, so you can choose the right one for you. This is not a video, but a live lesson with an instructor of your choice.  And best of all, it’s in the comfort of your own home at affordable rates (and with gas prices, that’s a great savings).

All you need for on line lessons is a computer, web cam, internet, and the free Skype or other on line programs!  It’s so easy!

We’re offering a FREE 30 minute trial lesson plus a week trial period to cancel if you’re not happy.  So you have nothing to lose!  Simply enter SK30F on the form for the promo code field, and you’ll receive the first 30 minutes free.



Fake it til you make it fake book will have you playing piano this summer!

Have you ever wanted to play easy songs you enjoy quickly?  Well now you can with the Fake It Til You Make It book, playing songs you love from a fake book.  The student only reads the right hand melody, while playing chords in the left hand.  This book starts with keyboard geography, teaching the student to read the treble clef notes and triads for the left hand using rhythm improv patterns to make you sound like a pro in weeks.  This book can be self-taught, used in a private lesson or in a group setting.

Violin lessons with Andrew….

Andrew studied for 4 years at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ, studying under a Music Performance degree.  Before college, he studied privately on the violin for 19 years. Andrew has taught private lessons and workshops, as well as conducting orchestras since 2003, and teaches classical and contemporary styles.  Andrew has performed in orchestras since 2002, and has traveled throughout Poland and the Czech Republic, performing concerts and working with international musicians, as well as having performed with the Philadelphia Orchestra at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, PA.

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