Lindsey was nominated as teacher of the year in 2011


Lindsey graduated from Mars Hill College in Mars Hill, NC in 2002 with a Bachelor’s in Music Education/choral and piano emphasis, graduating magna cum laude, and holds a Masters in Music for Music Theory from Tennessee State University, graduating in 2014. While at the university, she tutored students and was elected head tutor of the theory department. She’s currently attending the University of of SC in Columbia, SC for her Doctorate of Music, expected graduation in 2018. Lindsey grew up singing harmony with her family, and started band in 7th grade playing trumpet and French horn. Later she played snare drum and became percussion captain by her senior year. Lindsey has taught K-6 in public school for 10 years, earning her national boards teaching certification in 2010, and was nominated Teacher of the Year by her peers in 2011. She has also conducted and performed in a local community choir of 70+ adults.
Personality rating: easygoing



Meet our instructor Jay in Asheville NC

Jay is a guitar, electric bass, and piano teacher and offers guitar lessons, electric bass lessons and piano lessons in Asheville NC


Jay graduated with a Liberal Arts degree from Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, CA in 1999. He continued his education at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA to receive a Bachelors in Professional Music in 2002. Jay began playing piano at the age of six and guitar at age thirteen. At sixteen he started writing his own music and playing in rock bands. At age nineteen he began to study classical and jazz theory. Jay has been performing since 1999 in small jazz combos and big bands, church worship bands, and as a solo guitarist. Jay has been teaching since 2000 and offers rock, pop, classical, jazz, blues, Bosa-Nova for guitar, and classical on piano.

Personality rating: outgoing

Finding contentment as a musician

When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you. -Lao-Tzu

I’ve spent this past year running from one project to another, devoting much time and attention to my clients and those who hire Moonstruck to publicize one or two events.  I am disbelieving the year is nearly over. It seems like one big blur.

I’ve become aware this year of my ineptitude in the technology sector. I wasn’t born with a mouse in my hand and have only been what I consider actually computer literate for about 20 years.  I’m fifty, so less than half of my life has been spent in the use of computers and technology. Way before I wrote on computer, I wrote on paper, with a pen. I mailed demo cassettes by the actual United States Postal Service.  When I entered the music business there was no internet. Distribution was a physical endeavor.  One had to record in an actual recording studio in an actual building.

It’s been interesting and at times disheartening to witness the extreme changes in the music industry. “Where good men die like dogs ….” as Hunter S. Thompson so brutally put it.  But I’ve discovered a heartening occurance as well. Dedicated work and a steady purpose have their own sort of tranquility and contentment.

When we find our own particular peace and let go of competition and comparing, a wonderful calm settles in over one’s career.  We find ourselves in competition with only ourselves, to be better, to be more flexible to change, to be cognisant of spreading hope and joy to others.

We should all aspire to calm contentment in our music careers. There will always be those greater than yourself. There will always be those in this business who are more talented, more secure, more ambitious, richer, prettier, and luckier.  There will always be those who aspire to be where you are right now. There are those that struggle with talent, confidence, ability, dreams and reality.

“If you compare yourself to others, you may become vain and bitter….”  Make a promise to yourself to give comparison and competition a well deserved grave.  Be content within yourself. Show respect and garner respect. “You are a child of the universe. No less than the trees and the stars…you have a right to be here. “

Quotes are from The Desiderata by Max Ehrmann


Fantastic Flute Lessons!

Flute lessons


We have had a fantastic experience with my daughter’s instructor. She took her from how to put instrument together to playing recognizable music quickly!

One of the most important aspects of music lessons is from an instructor to quickly take a student from not playing at all to playing recognizable music! It keeps the student very engaged. We believe in teaching kids at their level and we believe in instilling BELIEF in them!

We are DIFFERENT…..try a free lesson today!

Charlsey in Nashville teaches Voice, Piano and Guitar! (via Melody Music Studios)

Talent only needs a little push. A great instructor can make all the difference.

Charlsey in Nashville teaches Voice, Piano and Guitar! Charlsey Charlsey graduated from Lee University in Cleveland, TN in 2003 with a vocal performance degree and a 3.4 GPA. She’s been teaching since 2001. Charlsey teaches voice, piano and guitar. While at the university, she was assistant director of the Children’s Chorale and has performed in many shows, including The King and I, Grease, and Guys and Dolls, to name a few. She’s also performed in choirs, opera workshops, and has recorded with top p … Read More

via Melody Music Studios

Fall touring…cultivating the college market


Is your ideal fan base made up of college students? This is a powerful demographic and can be tapped easiest by those of college age or marketers who relate to this demographic. College fans can create powerful networks on campus and off. Many still have disposable income for merchandise, tee shirts and cds. College fans can create interest at campus radio and publications and can spread music via internet, text messages and word of mouth

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Bandamin is a web based app that helps bands organize set lists and rehearsals. Visit Bandamin today!


Tour Tips Series: First time festival facts for bands


We’re playing our first festival and don’t want to look like total newbies. Are there any terms, definitions, etc we should be aware of?

Festivals are different animals than traditional club dates. Be sure you ask these questions in your advance conversation.

!. Where is Artist Check In? Generally, Artist Check In is where you’ll pick up laminates, food coupons, and all information about the festival.

2. What are creditials/laminates?- What you’ll wear around your neck to identify you. Press, Backstage, ARTIST,hospitality, staff, etc

3. Will there be Catering? Most festivals provide ARTISTS with a place to eat and serve regular meals. Sometimes your laminate also is your meal ticket and is punched when you show up at the meal tent.

4. Who is our production contact? You’ll want to be sure to get in touch with production (staging, load in, audio, video) BEFORE the date of the festival. These people can be your BEST friends or make your show miserable. They need INFO. And they’ll let you know exactly what they DO NEED and DO NOT NEED. They typically ask for a stage plot and input list.

5. Will we be able to sell merchandise? Festivals provide a central setting to sell band merchandise. You’re responsible for getting the merch to them (so you need to find out where they are located on site), with pricing. Usually, a festival provides a staff to sell your items and they’ll also provide you with a sales sheet and money at the end of the festival. BE SURE to pick up your merchandise at load out. The festival MAY take a % of sales.

6. Where is the Production Trailer? This is the office of the festival where you will pick up your way and sign forms. It is no fun to be stumbling around a 3 acre site in the middle of the night after your set trying to find a production trailer. Be sure you know where this is and who will be paying you.

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