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AJ is a violin teacher, viola teacher, mandolin teacher, guitar teacher, piano teacher, and bass teacher and offers viola lessons, violin lessons, mandolin lessons, guitar lessons, piano lessons, and bass lessons, in Atlanta GA

AJ attended the Georgia State University, in Atlanta, GA for three years towards a Music Technology degree, which included private lessons on the viola, and has finished four years of theory and aural skills. AJ took those skills he learned on viola to teach himself violin, bass, guitar, and piano, and has played a total of 16 years on the viola, electric bass for 14 years, guitar for 8 years, and piano for 3 years. AJ also performed in the university’s orchestral and chamber ensembles. He’s been teaching since 2016, and offers classical, pop, rock, and folk styles.Personality rating: easygoing


Take your lessons outdoors!

Spring is a wonderful time to teach music lessons outdoors! The birds are tweeting, woodpeckers are pecking, bees are buzzing!

Take your toddlers outside and encourage them to identify sounds and then compare them to musical instruments. A woodpecker sounds like a percussion instrument. Tweets sound similar to piccolo or flute.

Go outdoors and enjoy the music!


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Autumn’s #1 practice tip is….

Read about Autumn and her #1 practice tip!

1.I’m Autumn, and I teach viola, violin, and guitar. I started my musical life with classical music, but over the years I’ve branched out to all kinds of genres. Nowadays, I love to fuse genres and dance in between the lines of folk, jazz, classical, and sometimes even electronic sounds. I also play in a local philharmonic orchestra. I have been teaching for about three years.

2. I knew I wanted to be a musician when I was about seventeen. My high school friends and I started a little folk-punk band, where I sang, played guitar, and threw in a little viola solo here and there. That was the first time I had a group of people play music that I had written, and it was actually one of the most educational musical experiences I’ve ever had. We had so much playing for just about anyone who would listen, and I became hooked.

3. I released my first full-length studio album in 2016, and called it Oneiria. It’s available just about everywhere now. I am also playing with the Brevard Philharmonic the next few months, so look for me in the viola section!

4. My number one practice tip is to alternate periods of intense focus (reading music, playing scales, metronome work, etc.) with periods of messing around (improvising, making noise, being creative). This will protect you from burnout, and also give you some really great ideas for composing. Creativity and hard work are not mutually exclusive!

5. I’m listening to Bon Iver’s new album 22-A Million. Probably the most gorgeously-composed record I heard to come out of 2016 (Radiohead’s new album is pretty sweet though…)

Learn to play piano and read notes fluently in an easy step by step way!

Ever wish you could sight read your favorite song without hours of figuring out the notes? That’s what Drill It and Kill It is all about! Learn to play piano and read notes fluently in a easy step by step way that’s easy to follow and have fun! Click here to order your book today! https://melodymusicstudios.com/Books.asp

Music coach for upcoming auditions? We have you covered!

MMS-Those who dare to teach

Spring is the time for band or music production auditions. Brush up your skills by taking a few lessons from one of our professional instructors. A few vocal or guitar lessons can help you ace that audition!

Guitar Bass Drum and Percussion Lessons in Downingtown PA and Philadelphia PA from Mike


Mike graduated from the LA Recording Workshop in Studio City, CA with a Masters in Recording Engineering in 1994. He’s been teaching since 1992 and teaches guitar, bass and drums. His styles include rock, jazz and classical. Since 1990 Mike has performed various rock, reggae and jazz projects and has opened for well known bands and musicians.

Music lessons with Jamicka in Philly!

Listen to Jamicka here!


Jamicka graduated from Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD in 2016 with a Bachelors of Arts in Music. Concentration and Performance. She’s currently enrolled at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA towards a Music Therapy Master’s/Equivalency Program with an expected graduation date of 2019. Jamicka was a member of the Maryland Classical Youth Orchestra – Phil Harmonic (2010 – 2011). She participated in a non-profit organization, Musicians of Mercy with performances at the Baltimore Convention Center. (Summer 2013), did side by side rehearsals with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. (2009 – 2012), and subbed in a rehearsal for the John Hopkins Orchestra. (2012), as well as the Chamber Orchestra at the Baltimore School for the Arts. (2008 – 2012). Jamicka was awarded first prize in the Concerto Competition at the Baltimore School for the Arts – Concerto for Double Bass by, Antonio Capuzzi. (2012) and performed concerto with guest conductor Erin R. Freeman, conductor of the Richmond Symphony at the Baltimore School for the Arts. Jamicka has been teaching since 2014 and offers classical, contemporary gospel, soul, and R&B styles.

Personality rating: easygoing

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