Instructor Arnan has a show in NYC tonight!

Our NY instructor Arnan has a show!
Monday(the 29th) – After too long! We are going to play some music for you!!

I am really exited to invite you to our next show. Double bill With the wonderful singer Tammy Scheffer.
The amazing evening will be take place at the Brooklyn’s ShapeShifter next Monday the 29th starting at 7:00pm.

Hope to see you there,
Arnan (pronounced ARE-non) graduated from Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance in Jerusalem, Israel in 2010 with a music degree for saxophone. As a child, Arnan was exposed to a wide range of music from his musical family. He began playing and studying the sax at age 13, and soon after he played in various jazz bands, ensembles, and musical productions. By high school, he was playing with some of the top musicians in Israel. He continued to perform while in the service and throughout college and currently performs in NYC. He’s been teaching since 2006, and he offers jazz, classical, and pop/rock.


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