Chet Atkins

In this life you’ve got to be careful where you aim, because you go right where you aim.” – Chet Atkins

Venerable guitar great Chet Atkins was raised in abject poverty. He once told a reporter, “We were so poor that it was 1940 before we realized there had been a depression.”

Chet Atkins aimed right for the top of the music world, eventually cobbling together a stellar career as songwriter, producer, performer and record executive. Despite his family’s destitution, he found his music calling very early in life. While the boys in his school shot craps at lunch, Atkins would hang out in the bathroom practicing guitar because the acoustics were so good. His first guitar had a nail for a nut and was so bowed that only the first few frets could be used. His first electric guitar produced a problem since the family had no electricity. Chet would walk for miles to find an outlet for his amp. Talk about dedication.

Chet attracted into his life exactly what he aimed for. Commonly known as The Law of Attraction, musicians tap into this source as they write, create and perform. You become what you think about on a continual basis. If you profess to yourself you can’t write a song, then you are correct. If you continually tell yourself you can write a song, then you are also on track. The fact that you are attracted to music as more than a passing fancy means that music resonates in your soul.

Recognize the power you possess to walk a path with heart and meaning. You go where you aim. Shoot for the stars, but don’t allow yourself to be taken and held captive by dreams of perfection before we start up the dream path. We dream and do from a place of soul singing, not for reasons of fame or fortune and not to seek perfection.


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