Musical Fairies…beckoning magic

“The Faeries of winter are out and about at this time of year. these nature spirits show you the beauty found when chilly rains, snow and ice covers the land. Jack Frost is a well-known faery spirit and this is his busiest time of the year. Watch for the pictures he will paint on your windows in the mornings and see what you can discover. “- The Witch’s Day Book

I resolve to make magic a part of my daily life this new year. I want to attract faeries to my garden and house. In research, I’ve discovered if you create a comfortable place for them to hang out, they’ll bring all manner of luck and love to life and home.  I resolve to find ways to create a little nook for them, a sweet little space where faeries can rest and sleep and dream the dreary winter away.

Creating a faerie habitat is a fine way to spend a winter’s day. Whether you’re inundated with snow and ice or only mildly chilly, it’s fun to think about coaxing a bit of nature inside for January. We may be in the process of removing the Christmas tree and the holly wreaths and may be feeling a little down. It’s helpful to have a new year’s project built around fantasy and fun, instead of resolutions, restitutions and reflection.

Making a faerie habitat is bound to raise your spirits. Start with a turn about your yard or a nearby park. Notice berries, pinecones, stones and seed pods. Use a bit of glitter or sparkly white sugar on natural items to create a sparkle and glow that will attract wee ones. Find fabric that feels soft to the touch, pleasing natural fragrancies and calming tones and hues to decorate your faerie realm.  Build your oasis in an abandoned shoebox or corner of a book shelf .Think of the quiet solitude this time of year imparts and create a haven for these supernatural beings of light and love and energy.

And perhaps you’ll discover this as well: in creating a calming spot for the wee folk, you’ve found a soft  and soothing spot in your hectic new year’s week as well.


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