Five Questions with our guitar instructor, Andy

1) My name is Andy and I teach guitar (specializing in classical, acoustic, and fingerstyle traditions) and ukulele. I’ve been teaching for the past 12 or so years, from early beginning students to graduate students and ensembles at the university level.

2) I don’t think there was a particular moment…more a series of moments. From piecing together my first chord progression to learning about jazz harmony to my first few attempts to arrange music for solo guitar, each moment related to me the endless wonder that the guitar could represent. Each time I had a “That’s so cool!” or “What else can I do with this?” moment refueled the idea that I want to dedicate my life to music.
3) Shows around NC and SC, both solo guitar concerts and sets with Demeler (cafe and salon voice and guitar duo). Forthcoming album of original arrangements and transcriptions for solo guitar is in the works…
4) Always stay curious! Ask yourself: how could I play this (scale/chord/song/riff/etc) cleaner, or more musically, or with more energy. Ask questions of yourself and really try to get to the heart of the matter: why do you love playing your respective instrument? What initially drove that passion, and what does that passion mean now?
5) Ricardo Herz Trio. Ricardo Herz is an impossibly cool Brazilian violinist who perfectly balances classical, jazz, and choro (traditional Brazilian street music). His trio is augmented by a 7-string acoustic guitarist and percussionist, and it’s the most intriguing, thought-provoking, and danceable music you’re likely to hear!

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