True Wealth and Real Gifts

Wealth is not having the most…it is needing the least.”

Whether we’re  caught in a crush of paper, bows, food, and family, or quietly celebrating Christmas day with close friends, it’s a fit time to ponder our personal wealth. If we’re serving in a food kitchen or devoting the day to handing out gifts to those in need, our riches become even more apparent to us.  Personal wealth is derived from things other than cash and possessions. While we may not feel rich, a simple shift in perception may help us realize we are wealthy beyond measure.

We find so often, especially in a time of crisis or illness, that we need very little to sustain ourselves. That, indeed, it is the clutter of life, the too many “things” whether physical or mental that disrupt our connection to spirit and our path to personal peace.  One cannot buy good health, the giving and receiving of love or a peaceful mind, but those things are necessary to life.

This day, adopt a new definition of wealth and make it part of each day to acknowledge and be thankful for wealth beyond dollars and cents.  We should acknowledge and be grateful every day for the simple and profound ability to create.  If we are healthy and have enough food and shelter, we are abundant and well cared for.

Carefully consider the exact meaning of wealth. Wealth is not a beavy of cash and coins. Wealth is measured in heart beats, smiles and expressions of love, an abundance of energy, health and happiness.  We need very little in order to actually survive, but to truly live we need the gifts only spirit can bestow upon us.


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