Michael in NYC teaches all instruments and all styles via skype

Michael graduated from the Empire State College in 2010 for Music/Education. He’s been teaching since 1977 and teaches piano, guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, lap steel, accordion, harmonica (both diatonic and chromatic), bass guitar, trombone and upright bass. His styles include classical, jazz (all early forms, up to and including bebop) country, folk, western swing, Cajun, bluegrass and Italian ragtime. Michael is a musical director, lyricist/composer and music producer with an extremely varied background. He formed and performed with a Medieval ensemble for the premier of Robin and Marian (starring Sean Connery), and a Country-Western band for the South African equivalent of the Kentucky Derby. He’s a former musical director for National Lampoon’s live shows and television specials, including Class of ‘86, for which he also wrote several songs. Michael wrote and directed for many television shows and during its original New York run, he conducted Little Shop of Horrors, as well as directed many musical productions. He has appeared in several Broadway and off-Broadway shows as an actor/musician. Michael has performed, arranged, or written music and lyrics for numerous corporate clients, such as MCI and Bayer, among many others. His awards include one from the American Song Festival and several from the New/Old Music Styles Alliance. He is sought-after as a “biographical lyricist,” having been flown all over the world to perform at events honoring Board Members of multi-nationals. Michael continues performing and recording with many great musicians from Jimmy Dean to Richard Gere. Recently, he recorded all the keyboards and arranged the music for a Platinum-selling CD.Personality rating: Thoughtful and courteous

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