Meet our new instructor Jeff

Jeff attended the William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ for three years for Jazz Studies. He is a composer, arranger, multi instrumentalist, songwriter, sound designer, and educator. With experience in a multitude of genres, Jeff has garnered a reputation for his refined and gripping style of composition, as well as performance. His abilities have led him to study under a number of well-known musical giants. Jeff’s talents have afforded him opportunities to perform at a number of festivals and concert halls across the United States. Having spent years playing in numerous orchestras, ensembles, bands, and various creative situations, Jeff possesses an invaluable understanding of how to work with musicians and individuals from all walks of life, coupled with the talent to write for numerous and varying settings. In addition to composing, Jeff has worked as a sound engineer for an array of musicians and styles and has performed with Grammy award winner musicians. Having worked extensively as a performer, in 2014, Jeff shifted his focus to film, video game, and media composition. Since then, he has become a composer in increasingly high demand, scoring for short film, TV, and various media, as well as commercials and video games. He has been teaching since 2009, and offers classical, jazz, rock, pop, hip-hop, and soul, among other styles.


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