Summer Music Fun

The sun is shining the birds are chirping and your child with the musical muse is just not feeling like devoting any time to lessons today. The lazy days of summer don’t have to mean a lackadaisical attitude about practicing music. Here are MMS’s top ten tips to keep your young musician’s practice routine sizzling during the summer!

1. Keep your child’s instrument handy. A closed guitar case tucked under a bed is not very motivating. Keep the instrument out, tuned and ready to play.

2. Realize summer means lots of kids in your home. Organize a concert for the neighborhood. Little ones can make signs and big kids can create programs. Making the “concert” a week-long project will most certainly motivate your young musician to rehearse.

3. Summer vacations often mean time at cabins, condos or even camping. If it’s not possible to take your main instrument, consider purchasing inexpensive flutes, percussion instruments or penny whistles. Anything to keep the practice of music and rhythm a daily occurence is great.

4. Create a point system with rewards for your child. Practicing for 5 minutes is equal to 10 points. When a child reaches 100 points (50 minutes of practice) allow them to choose a small reward for their effort.

5. Call day cares and nursing homes in your area and inquire about your child performing during the summer. Your young musician can get valuable performance experience and enrich the lives of others.

6. There are always special events during the summer. Backyard BBQs, ice cream socials, parties and pool events. These events are always looking for volunteer entertainment. Your young rocker can gain valuable stage experience!

7. Practice in pairs. Before the end of regular school year lessons for your musician, ask their instructor about other students who play the same instrument and are at or close to your child’s skill level. Contact parents and organize practice play dates.

8. Encourage your future musician to form a garage band. Noise may be an issue but if “band practice” is scheduled for only an hour a few times a week, the neighbors shouldn’t complain. Encourage your child and his band mates to learn about the music business, booking, promoting, etc. Even small kids can learn the business behind making music by creating posters, tickets and brochures for upcoming “shows”.

9. Make practice fun by encouraging a “dress rehearsal”. Drag out some fancy duds, sparkly shoes and crazy hats. Build a makeshift “stage” from cardboard and add accessories likes amps and speakers made of boxes. It’s a fun way to explore the backstage world of production.

10. REMEMBER IT IS SUMMER and that means a break in the usual routines of school and lessons. Be flexible with kids’ practice schedules but think of ways to incorporate practicing lessons into summer fun. Keep music ever-present in your daily routines and your kids will maintain their practice chops right into fall!


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