Meet our instructor Matt



MattS2Matt graduated from the Texas Woman’s University in Denton, TX in 2015 with a Masters in Music Education in 2015. He also received his teaching credentials. Before that, he received a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies-Saxophone Performance from the University of North Texas in Denton, TX in 2012. He also studied clarinet and flute there. Matt grew up in a musical family, and began to play the saxophone at age eleven. As a senior in high school, he made the Texas All-State Jazz Ensemble. His senior year at the university, he participated in the highest honor band and began traveling and touring all over the world, visiting Thailand, Canada, Poland, Japan, and the Netherlands. Matt has been teaching since 2003 for both private lessons and for five years, for school bands at private schools. For his piano background, Matt took private lessons as a child, as well as being self taught, applying his musical knowledge to the piano. He also completed his piano proficiency in college, and continues to play for his enjoyment. He offers both traditional and by ear lessons on all instruments. Matt offers classical, jazz, rock, and pop styles.


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