Learned Mistakes

How to correct a learned mistake
There are mistakes that happen randomly, and then there are the mistakes the student makes every time he/she comes across a certain section of music. This is what I call a “learned” mistake, and if you practice incorrectly, you can actually make the problem worse. I have developed a 3 step process for correcting these mistakes:
1. Highlight the mistake-the first step in correcting the mistake is to simply identify what it is the student is doing incorrect. Is the student going too far to a specific note, not far enough, or identifying the note or rhythm incorrectly, etc?
2. Delete the bad information-take the bad information out of your thinking process.
3. Input correct information-and finally enter the corrected information in processing that section(s) and practice that section(s) with the corrected information.
I have found when the student does these 3 steps (and in some cases, even after just doing the first step of identifying the mistake), it corrects the mistake instantly. I advise to follow the correction with “spot practicing” (which I describe in the following segment), and the mistake will completely disappear altogether.

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