Meet our new instructor Wilson in Florida!

Wilson got his first exposure to virtuosic playing in high school, playing in the jazz band and forming his own rock and punk rock bands. He then graduated from the University of FL in Gainesville, FL in 2015 with a bachelor in Music History, concentration in Ethnomusicology. It also included four years of private instruction on guitar and theory courses, as well as performing in the acclaimed Brazilian music ensemble. It was then that Wilson started his own publishing company for his original works, and he began teaching, maintaining a studio of up to 25 students. After college, Wilson studied finger-style guitar under world-renowned classical guitarist. Along with guitar, Wilson also teaches and performs on bass guitar, mandolin, ukulele, drums, banjo, voice, and piano/keyboard. His training on bass guitar includes an extensive experience composing and gigging with bands, in a variety of styles such as rock, blues, jazz, funk, reggae, samba, and alternative, and he has applied his knowledge of classical and Brazilian guitar techniques to the bass. He offers both 4 and 6 string electric bass lessons, and is currently developing a curriculum for extended techniques, such as slap bass and two-hand tapping. For mandolin, Wilson has lots of gigging experience, street performance, and home study, and offers styles from the Appalachian music, blue grass, and other folk styles, as well as all contemporary styles, with techniques like strumming, flat-picking, and tremolo playing. For the ukulele, Wilson is primarily self-taught and studied on his own, and specializes in folk and blues ukulele, but can also offer jazz and pop. On the banjo (5 string), Wilson is again primarily self-taught and studied on his own with method books. Wilson offers an entry level on piano and keyboard. His training was at the University of Florida in their piano course required for all music majors. He offers traditional and by ear (chords and improv). Wilson often uses the piano as a tool for music theory, no matter what instrument the student is learning. Along with all the music courses at UF, he was trained in voice and offers sight-singing, breath control, pitch-matching, reading, and diction, and offers all contemporary styles on voice. With whatever instrument the student is learning, songwriting can also be included in the student’s education if preferred. Wilson has been writing since the early 2000’s, and his passion is helping people express their own experiences in song. Lessons in songwriting includes thought-organization exercises for music and lyric writing, as well as studies in music theory. Wilson has been teaching since 2010, and offers any style(s) the student is interested in.MMSWilson


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