A practice routine for kids


MMS- Visalakshi (49)

The most difficult part of practicing is getting started. For a young beginner student (ages preschool-6 or 7), I do not recommend having them practice at all. I know this goes against the grain of normal thinking, but there are reasons why practicing at that age should not be expected of them. First, the young student does not have the discipline, retention, or enough information to practice, and by forcing the young student to practice, will only cause frustration and discouragement to both student and parents. What I recommend for parents is to ask their child to “play” what they’ve learned in their lesson, taking just a few minutes. As the young student continues to take consistent weekly lessons, he/she will begin to learn and develop a skill over time. The important thing is to keep the idea of music lessons to be a fun and positive thing. It’s also great to encourage their creativity at this age, by letting them explore on their instrument or voice.


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