Meet our instructor Timmie

Five Questions with our fantastic instructor, Timmie in Staten Island NY
I’m Timmie and I’m a singer, specializing in classical music, opera, and music theater. I teach voice and piano to students of all ages, and in all styles. I’ve been teaching voice and piano since 2007, and like to apply traditional techniques to modern and popular genres of music, as well as the classics.

How did you get interested in music? My family took a weekend trip to New York City to see The Phantom of the Opera and Cats. When we came home I wouldn’t stop drawing pictures of the scenes and singing the role of Christine around the house. I’ve been singing ever since.

What have you been up to professionally? I just finished a run of Pagliacci with a company in Northern NJ, and will be singing in La Boheme this Fall.

What’s your number one practice tip? Muscle Memory! Create healthy and regular habits by allowing yourself to take the time get it right. Whether it’s taking a low breath when singing or curving your fingers a certain way when playing, the more you do it correctly, the more easily it will come when you need it.

What are you listening to right now? Turn Blue, the Black Keys new album. I’ve been a fan for years!


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