Tour Tips Series: First time festival facts for bands


We’re playing our first festival and don’t want to look like total newbies. Are there any terms, definitions, etc we should be aware of?

Festivals are different animals than traditional club dates. Be sure you ask these questions in your advance conversation.

!. Where is Artist Check In? Generally, Artist Check In is where you’ll pick up laminates, food coupons, and all information about the festival.

2. What are creditials/laminates?- What you’ll wear around your neck to identify you. Press, Backstage, ARTIST,hospitality, staff, etc

3. Will there be Catering? Most festivals provide ARTISTS with a place to eat and serve regular meals. Sometimes your laminate also is your meal ticket and is punched when you show up at the meal tent.

4. Who is our production contact? You’ll want to be sure to get in touch with production (staging, load in, audio, video) BEFORE the date of the festival. These people can be your BEST friends or make your show miserable. They need INFO. And they’ll let you know exactly what they DO NEED and DO NOT NEED. They typically ask for a stage plot and input list.

5. Will we be able to sell merchandise? Festivals provide a central setting to sell band merchandise. You’re responsible for getting the merch to them (so you need to find out where they are located on site), with pricing. Usually, a festival provides a staff to sell your items and they’ll also provide you with a sales sheet and money at the end of the festival. BE SURE to pick up your merchandise at load out. The festival MAY take a % of sales.

6. Where is the Production Trailer? This is the office of the festival where you will pick up your way and sign forms. It is no fun to be stumbling around a 3 acre site in the middle of the night after your set trying to find a production trailer. Be sure you know where this is and who will be paying you.


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