learning to be the light….



“People will tend to be TO US what we have decided to be TO THEM.” – Marianne Williamson

Fifteen simple words.  As a psychologist and best selling author and teacher, Marianne Williamson could not have spoken more eloquently. People in our circle and strangers often reflect the very same qualities back to us that we show to them.  If we appear hostil and rude to a store clerk, guess what? He’ll be hostile and rude right back. If we are sure our boyfriend or girlfriend will disappoint us in some way, they most certainly will.  If we enter a performance situation as a disgruntled participant, we can almost certainly count on unsuccessful and contentious encounters.

If we begin to think of ourselves as mirrors, able to project and reflect images, we become careful of the image we carry.  How we see ourselves is basically how others see us. If we see ourselves as small and insignificant, that image is reflected back to us in the attitudes of others. If we project respect and love for ourselves, it is much easier to see those attributes in those we come in contact with.

It’s said there are two ways to project light into the world. Be the light or be the mirror that reflects it.  Why not be both?  Change the way you perceive yourself and others and watch the world change before your very eyes.


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