How we’re different…..

How is Melody Music Studios different from other studios or websites that list instructors?

  • Each instructor has been hand picked and is personally hired by the owner, Kathi Kerr,submitting an application, resume and recording. For instructors that are rated high they are interviewed, references are checked and finally a criminal background is checked before they join the staff of Melody Music Studios. Other websites accept anyone that signs up and pays their annual fee, so you never know what quality instructor you’re getting. Instructors are hired based on their training, personality, teaching qualifications and philosophies as well as versatility in musical styles. All instructors are expected to be able to teach most styles and both traditional and by ear. And because we understand that motivation is very important for the beginner student, Melody Music Studios only hires instructors who love to teach and can pass that excitement on to the student, with a positive and upbeat personality.
  • Because we offer lessons either in the students’ home or the home or professional studio of the instructor, we never run out of studio space or instructors, so you can depend on an available instructor for you. Melody Music Studios is continually growing and adding new instructors.
  • Melody Music Studios offers a week grace period after the first lesson to give the student a chance to take the lessons and decide if that instructor will be a good match for him or her before committing to the 30 day cancellation policy. Since we have a full staff of instructors, if the one chosen first is not a good match, chances are we can locate the right instructor for you. Or if the student cancels during this week, the student only pays for the one lesson he/she took.
So sign up for lessons now, you have nothing to lose! Melody Music Studios appreciates your interest and look forward to starting your musical journey!Sincerely,
Kathi Kerr/owner

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