Meet our flute instructor, Katrina

Five things to know about our wonderful instructor Katrina!
1. My name is Katrina and I am a flute, piccolo, and string bass player and singer. I can teach any instrument at the beginning level and I also play in several ensembles of varying musical ability. I have been teaching and educationally performing for 8 years and playing and singing my whole life.
2. I knew I wanted to be a musician the moment I heard music and it only became clearer as I grew older and found it was the one true escape from the chaos and a better way to interpret the world around me.
3. I don’t have any CDs available, but I have been recorded with a small group I am part of, but we do it for our own personal enjoyment and a way to critique ourselves. I have a Beatles concert some up next weekend, the 25th, where I am playing both flute and string bass.
4. My number one practice tip would be to devote at least 15 minutes a day to your instrument and/or music and 30 minutes at least 4 times a week.
5. I am listening to Reik, a Latin-Pop/Mexican-Pop band from Mexico.



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