Our instructor Wes has launched Project 365: A musical idea for every day of the year

Our wonderful Seattle instructor, Wes, teaches guitar, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, piano and voice, and specializes in working with individuals interested in songwriting/composition and music theory. Wes has been teaching music for over a decade, to everyone from college music students to young children first handling a musical instrument.
We asked Wes when he knew he wanted to make music his life, ” I knew I wanted to write music the moment I first sat down at a piano as a young child,” he says.

Wes has launched Project 365, a new musical idea for every day of the year. “I also run the Portland, OR-based band Buried in the Noise and actively compose for different ensembles in the Pacific Northwest, including the Seattle Rock Orchestra and the Oregon Composers Forum.”

“My number one practice tip is to enjoy and care about whatever you choose to practice; you’ll work harder, but it won’t even seem like work.’ he says.

Wes has an eclectic taste in music,”I am listening to Bela Bartok’s ballet The Miraculous Mandarin, which comes on the heels of music from blues artist Kelly Joe Phelps and indie rockers As Tall as Lions.”


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