How to establish a daily practice regimen for kids

Music is What Feelings Sound LIke


Once the beginner student (any age) begin to develop a skill, then they have something to practice. And learning to practice is something that is learned over time, the same as learning the instrument itself. Once the student is ready to begin a daily practice regimen, here is what I suggest:
*Keep the practice time realistic to the student’s age and level. Don’t expect a beginner student to practice for 30 minutes straight. It’s best to keep practicing at short segments, but often and consistent. If the goal is 30 minutes per day, the student can break it up into 2-15 minute practices, with a break in between. Once the student gets to the“tired” point, he/she is no longer retaining what is learned. By doing shorter practices often, will help the student learn
quicker. The suggested practice lengths will differ for each student, depending on their age and level. For beginners between the ages of about 7-9, the normal length of practice I suggest is 15-25 minutes, for an older child or adult beginner, it may be 30-40 minutes, and for more advanced levels, it may be 1-2 hours. These are only suggestions, as each
student may require more or less time before getting to their “tired” point.


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