How can I get my child to practice?


One thing that I’ve often heard parents say is they have trouble getting their young child to practice each week for the lesson.  One reason that I say only 15 minutes for the practice sessions other than what I’ve mentioned above are for mental reasons.  If you tell a child they “only” have to practice for a few minutes, it doesn’t seem as difficult and they will be more apt to do that.  And you never know, it may turn into more than just a few minutes.  The important thing for young children is to keep the practicing element positive and don’t worry if they miss some days.  Even if they’ve gone all week without practicing, they still learn during the lesson, and keeping a consistent weekly lesson is where they will learn and improve over time.  Don’t expect a young child to learn a lot at the beginning, but let them learn and grow at their own pace.  Once they’ve learned a few things, it will be easier for the student to practice on his/her own.  Also, let the young student have the freedom to “play” around during their practicing.  I’ve seen young kids “compose” little songs during the practice time, which I think is a great way for them to explore music on their own.  If they enjoy doing that and are allowed the freedom, the student will eventually find practicing what they’re supposed to an easier thing as he or she develops and grows.


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