Kathi’s number one practice tip? Stumble over your guitar!

Make sure you place your instrument in a place that you pass by and see often for ease of practicing and to keep it fresh in your mind to remind you to practice. Since I mentioned above that practicing short segments often is the best way to learn, this is a perfect way for the student to play for a few minutes every time he or she walks by the instrument. These short practices can add up to a lot by the end of the day and week. It’s also important to have the instrument in an area that the student CAN practice often, not where everyone watches TV or other family activities, for example, where the student may not be able to practice often. On the other hand, you do want the instrument in a place that others can hear the student to offer feedback and encouragement. Also try and make the surroundings as light and fun as possible, not in a dark room or basement where the student may be discouraged from practicing often.


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