Robert Schumann: Piano Concerto in A Minor

Kurt Nemes' Classical Music Almanac

If anyone has a child who is hesitating about whether they should go to college, the parents should definitely encourage the child to get a summer job in a factory. After a few days around a blast furnace, putting pulleys into boxes, or sweeping floors, even a career in oral hygiene would start to look good. I know; I’ve been there. But truth be told, I got after school and summer jobs in factories in high school and college because I wanted to. Call it “nostalgie de la boue,” call it slumming, call it trying to get in touch with the lumpen proletariat; there was something alluring about working in a factory.

It started when a couple of guys on the swim team, my mentor Paul M*** included, got part time jobs at a small factory in an industrial park. They came to school telling fantastic stories about the characters…

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