Khris is a grad of Berklee College of Music- teaches bass and guitar in Franklin TN

Khris Khris  began his career in music at the age of fourteen. Khris’ love for music quickly developed into relentless tenacity as he pursued his passion throughout the high school jazz band, playing for his church, onto his local junior college’s music department, and finally—more than 3,000 miles from home and 10-years later—a Bachelor’s degree in Guitar Performance from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Boston. Before graduating from Berklee, he attended the Los Medanos College with a music major for 3 years. As required courses at Berklee developed his ability to write and compose, he was given the tools and skill necessary to release his own unique sound to the world. Khris has been performing since 1998 in many venues, from jazz bands in high school and throughout college, to many gospel bands at churches. He recently played in a rock cover band in Boston, and a jazz/rock instrumental band. Khris’ styles include jazz, rock, funk, gospel, blues, and metal.

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