Music Advice- The Territory

We call an area of land a territory. The word can also describe a landscape of a different kind. Territory denotes sales areas, service areas, boundaries, limits, the unspoken rules of a relationship.

Sometimes territory is a job description. In the absence of a tour or business manager, I encourage bands to develop some sort of job description for each member of the group. The entire task of day-to-day management of the territory (booking, travel arrangements, getting the oil changed in the van, sending posters) divided among four or five people pushes the needle into the “more likely to get done” area of the doing dial.

But what happens when a weak link appears? Do we simply stop doing the booking? Stop advancing the shows?

Probably not. Someone within the organization has to absorb a new position. They have to learn in Bandland there is no such thing as claiming something is not your job.

It’s your job to write music, play music, create sounds in the studio, produce, direct, paint, lay tile, and build a wall. When a weak link appears, understand it’s the universe encouraging you to think outside the lines about your territory.


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